Dimitris Poursanidis

Dimitris Poursanidis

Research Scientist / Data Stewardship | Environmental Mapping & Monitoring

Dimitris Poursanidis is research fellow at the Remote Sensing lab ( of the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics, FORTH. He holds a Ph.D. on Marine Ecology (2016), a M.Sc. on the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (2008), and a B.Sc. on Ecosystem Management (2004). He has work in both academic (NHMC, UNEP/MAP, HCMR, University of Athens, University of the Aegean), private sector (Marathon Data Systems, NCC ltd, NatureBureau ltd,) and NGO's (WWF, IUCN, iSea) on projects focused on the biosphere/hydrosphere interface through conservation projects funded by European and National funds (LIFE +, INTERREG, EraNET, H2020, MAVA foundation, THALASSA Foundation, MEDPAN). His research interests include Environmental Mapping and Monitoring using innovative methods and technological advances (Earth Observation, UAV, Non Destructive Sampling, Photogrammetry, Scientific Diving), Satellite Remote Sensing applications in the coastal environment and Biodiversity exploitation through Species Distribution Modelling in terrestrial and aquatic environments.

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  dpoursanidis AT iacm DOT forth DOT gr
  +30 2810-391-774
  +30 6944-910-637

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