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Chrysoulakis, N., Ludlow, D., Mitraka, Z., Somarakis, G., Khan, Z., Lauwaet, D., Hooyberghs, H., Feliu, E., Navarro, D., Feigenwinter, C., Holsten, A., Soukup, T., Dohr, M., Marconcini, M. & Andersen, B. H.
Copernicus for urban resilience in Europe
2023   Scientific Reports


Iqbal, N., Ravan, M., Jamshed, A., Birkmann, J., Somarakis, G., Mitraka, Z. and Chrysoulakis, N.
Linkages between Typologies of Existing Urban Development Patterns and Human Vulnerability to Heat Stress in Lahore
2022   Sustainability
Lipson, M., Grimmond, S., Best, M., Chow, W., Christen, A., Chrysoulakis, N. et al.
Harmonized gap-filled datasets from 20 urban flux tower sites
2022   Earth System Science Data
Abunnasr, Y., Mhawej, M. and Chrysoulakis, N.
SEBU: A novel fully automated Google Earth Engine surface energy balance model for urban areas
2022   Urban Climate
Nicolini, G., Antoniella, G., Carotenuto, F., Christen, A., Ciais, P., Feigenwinter, C., Chrysoulakis, N. et al.
Direct observations of CO2 emission reductions due to COVID-19 lockdown across European urban districts
2022   Science of The Total Environment
Marando, F., Heris, M. P., Zulian, G., Udías, A., Mentaschi, L., Chrysoulakis, N., Parastatidis, D. and Maes, J.
Urban heat island mitigation by green infrastructure in European Functional Urban Areas
2022   Sustainable Cities and Society
Jongen, H. J., Steeneveld, G. J., Beringer, J., Christen, A., Chrysoulakis, N. et al.
Urban Water Storage Capacity Inferred From Observed Evapotranspiration Recession
2022   Geophysical Research Letters
Beloiu, M., Poursanidis, D., Tsakirakis, A., Chrysoulakis, N., Hoffmann, S., Lymberakis, P., Barnias, A., Kienle, D. and Beierkuhnlein, C.
No treeline shift despite climate change over the last 70 years
2022   Forest Ecosystems


Wendnagel-Beck, A., Ravan, M., Iqbal, N., Birkmann, J., Somarakis, G., Hertwig, D., Chrysoulakis, N. and Grimmond, S.
Characterizing Physical and Social Compositions of Cities to Inform Climate Adaptation: Case Studies in Germany
2021   Urban Planning
Lantzanakis, G., Mitraka, Z. and Chrysoulakis, N.
X-SVM: An Extension of C-SVM Algorithm for Classification of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
2021   IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Chrysoulakis, N., Somarakis, G., Stagakis, S., Mitraka, Z., Wong, M., Ho, H.
Monitoring and Evaluating Nature-Based Solutions Implementation in Urban Areas by Means of Earth Observation
2021   Remote Sensing
Panagiotakis E., Kolokotsa D., Chrysoulakis N.
Evaluation of nature-based solutions implementation scenarios, using urban surface modelling
2021   Green Energy and Sustainability


Nikoloudakis, N., Stagakis, S., Mitraka, Z., Kamarianakis Y. and Chrysoulakis N.
Spatial interpolation of urban air temperatures using satellite-derived predictors
2020   Theoretical and Applied Climatology


Somarakis, G., Stagakis, S., and Chrysoulakis, N.
Thinknature Nature-Based Solutions Handbook
2019   ThinkNature Project
Chrysoulakis, N., Mitraka, Z. and Gorelick, N.
Exploiting satellite observations for global surface albedo trends monitoring
2019   Theoretical and Applied Climatology
Karnieli, A., Ohana-Levi, N., Silver, M., Paz-Kagan, T., Panov, N., Varghese, D., Chrysoulakis, N. and Provenzale, A.
Spatial and Seasonal Patterns in Vegetation Growth-Limiting Factors over Europe
2019   Remote Sensing
Pike, S.; Traganos, D.; Poursanidis, D.; Williams, J.; Medcalf, K.; Reinartz, P.; Chrysoulakis, N.
Leveraging Commercial High-Resolution Multispectral Satellite and Multibeam Sonar Data to Estimate Bathymetry: The Case Study of the Caribbean Sea
2019   Remote Sensing
Poursanidis, D., Traganos, d., Chrysoulakis, N., Reinartz, P.
Cubesats Allow High Spatiotemporal Estimates of Satellite-Derived Bathymetry
2019   Remote Sensing
Poursanidis, D., Traganos, d., Reinartz, p., Chrysoulakis, N.
On the use of Sentinel-2 for coastal habitat mapping and satellite-derived bathymetry estimation using downscaled coastal aerosol band
2019   International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
Wohner, C., Peterseil, J., Poursanidis, D., Kliment, T., Wilson, M., et. al.
DEIMS-SDR – A web portal to document research sites and their associated data
2019   Ecological Informatics
Stagakis, S., Chrysoulakis, N., Spyridakis, N., Feigenwinter, C., and Vogt, R.
Eddy Covariance measurements and source partitioning of CO2 emissions in an urban environment: Application for Heraklion, Greece
2019   Atmospheric Environment
Christiaan Hummel, Dimitris Poursanidis, Daniel Orenstein, Michael Elliott, Mihai Cristian Adamescu, Constantin Cazacu, Guy Ziv, Nektarios Chrysoulakis, Jaap van der Meer, Herman Hummel
Protected Area management: Fusion and confusion with the ecosystem services approach
2019   Science of The Total Environment


Pasetto D, Arenas‐Castro S, Bustamante J, et al.
Integration of satellite remote sensing data in ecosystem modelling at local scales: Practices and trends
2018   Methods in Ecology and Evolution
Traganos, D.; Aggarwal, B.; Poursanidis, D.; Topouzelis, K.; Chrysoulakis, N.; Reinartz, P.
Towards Global-Scale Seagrass Mapping and Monitoring Using Sentinel-2 on Google Earth Engine: The Case Study of the Aegean and Ionian Seas
2018   Remote Sensing
Chrysoulakis, N., Grimmond, S., Feigenwinter, C,. Lindberg, F., Gastellu-Etchegorry, J., Marconcini, M., Mitraka, Z., Stagakis, S., Crawford, B., Olofson, F., Landier, L., Morrison W., and Parlow, E.
Urban energy exchanges monitoring from space
2018   Scientific Reports
Poursanidis, D., Topouzelis, K., Chrysoulakis, N.
Mapping coastal marine habitats and delineating the deep limits of the Neptune’s seagrass meadows using very high resolution Earth observation data
2018   International Journal of Remote Sensing
Traganos, D., Poursanidis, D., Aggarwal, B., Chrysoulakis, N., Reinartz, P.
Estimating Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB) with the Google Earth Engine and Sentinel-2
2018   Remote Sensing
Panagiotakis, E., Chrysoulakis, N., Charalampopoulou, V. and Poursanidis, D.
Validation of Pleiades Tri-Stereo DSM in Urban Areas
2018   ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
Feigenwinter, C., Vogt, R., Parlow, E., Lindberg, F., Marconcini, M., Del Frate, F. and Chrysoulakis, N.
Spatial Distribution of Sensible and Latent Heat Flux in the City of Basel (Switzerland)
2018   IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing


Parastatidis, D., Mitraka, Z., Chrysoulakis, N. and Abrams, M.
Online Global Land Surface Temperature Estimation from Landsat
2017   Remote Sensing
Gastellu-Etchegorry, J. P., Lauret, N., Yin, T., Landier, L., Kallel, A., Malenovský, Z., Bitar, A. A., Aval, J., Benhmida, S., Qi, J., Medjdoub, G., Guilleux, J., Chavanon, E., Cook, B., Morton, D., Chrysoulakis, N. and Mitraka, Z.
DART: Recent Advances in Remote Sensing Data Modeling With Atmosphere, Polarization, and Chlorophyll Fluorescence
2017   IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
Benas, N., Chrysoulakis, N. and Cartalis, C.
Trends of urban surface temperature and heat island characteristics in the Mediterranean
2017   Theoretical and Applied Climatology
Poursanidis, D. and Chrysoulakis, N.
Remote Sensing, natural hazards and the contribution of ESA Sentinels missions
2017   Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment


Beloconi, A., Kamarianakis, Y. and Chrysoulakis, N.
Estimating urban PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations, based on synergistic MERIS/AATSR aerosol observations, land cover and morphology data
2016   Remote Sensing of Environment
Kochilakis, G., Poursanidis, D., Chrysoulakis, N., Varella, V., Kotroni, V., Eftychidis, G., Lagouvardos, K., Papathanasiou, C., Karavokyros., G., Aivazoglou, M., Makropoulos, C. and Mimikou, M.
FLIRE DSS: A web tool for the management of floods and wildfires in urban and periurban areas
2016   Open Geosciences
Kochilakis, G., Poursanidis, D., Chrysoulakis, N., Varella, V., Kotroni, V., Eftychidis, G., Lagouvardos, K., Papathanasiou, C., Karavokyros., G., Aivazoglou, M., Makropoulos, C. and Mimikou, M.
A web based DSS for the management of floods and wildfires (FLIRE) in urban and periurban areas
2016   Environmental Modelling & Software
Mitraka, Z., Doxani, G., Del Frate, F. and Chrysoulakis, N.
Uncertainty Estimation of Local-Scale Land Surface Temperature Products Over Urban Areas Using Monte Carlo Simulations
2016   IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters


Chrysoulakis, N., Castro, E. A. and Moors, E. J.
Understanding Urban Metabolism: A Tool for Urban Planning
2015   Routledge, Taylor & Francis
Triantakonstantis, D., Chrysoulakis, N., Sazonova A., Esch, T., Feigenwinter, C., Düzgün, S., Parlow, E., Marconcini, M. and Tal, A.
On-line Εvaluation of Earth Observation Derived Indicators for Urban Planning and Management
2015   Urban Planning and Design Research
Mitraka, Z., Chrysoulakis, N., Doxani, G., Del Frate, F. and Berger, M.
Urban Surface Temperature Time Series Estimation at the Local Scale by Spatial-Spectral Unmixing of Satellite Observations
2015   Remote Sensing
Poursanidis, D., Chrysoulakis, N. and Mitraka, Z.
Landsat 8 vs. Landsat 5: a comparison based on urban and peri-urban land cover mapping
2015   International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation


Mitraka, Z., Diamantakis, E., Chrysoulakis, N., Castro, E. A., San Jose, R., Gonzalez, A. and Blecic, I.
Incorporating Bio-Physical Sciences into a Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Urban Planning
2014   Sustainability
Chrysoulakis, N., Feigenwinter, C., Triantakonstantis, D., Penyevskiy, I., Tal, A., Parlow, E., Fleishman, G., Düzgün, S., Esch, T. and Marconcini, M.
A Conceptual List of Indicators for Urban Planning and Management Based on Earth Observation
2014   ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information


Benas, N., Beloconi, A. and Chrysoulakis, N.
Estimation of urban PM10 concentration, based on MODIS and MERIS/AATSR synergistic observations
2013   Atmospheric Environment
Chrysoulakis, N., Mitraka, Z., Stathopoulou, M. and Cartalis, C.
A comparative analysis of the urban web of the greater Athens agglomeration for the last 20 years period on the basis of Landsat imagery
2013   Fresenius Environmental Bulletin
Chrysoulakis, N., Lopes, M., San José, R., Grimmond, C.S.B., Jones, M.B., Magliulo, V., Klostermann, J.E.M., Synnefa, A., Mitraka, Z., Castro, E., González, A., Vogt, R., Vesala, T., Spano, D., Pigeon, G., Freer-Smith, P., Staszewski, T., Hodges, N., Mills, G. and Cartalis, C.
Sustainable urban metabolism as a link between bio-physical sciences and urban planning: the BRIDGE project
2013   Landscape and Urban Planning
González, A., Donnelly, A., Jones, M., Chrysoulakis, N. and Lopes, M.
A Decision-Support System for Sustainable Urban Metabolism in Europe
2013   Environmental Impact Assesment Review


Mitraka, Z., Chrysoulakis, N., Kamarianakis, Y., Partsinevelos, P. and Tsouchlaraki, A.
Improving the estimation of urban surface emissivity based on sub-pixel classification of high resolution satellite imagery
2012   Remote Sensing of Environment
Chrysoulakis, N., Abrams, M., Kamarianakis, Y. and M. Stanisławski
Validation of the ASTER GDEM for the area of Greece
2011   Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing
Chrysoulakis, N., Abrams, M., Feidas, H., and Arai, K.
Comparison of atmospheric correction methods using ASTER data for the area of Crete, Greece
2010   International Journal of Remote Sensing
Feidas, H., Kokolatos, G., Negri, A., Manyin M., Chrysoulakis, N. and Y. Kamarianakis
Validation of an infrared-based satellite algorithm to estimate accumulated rainfall over the Mediterranean basin
2009   Theoretical and Applied Climatology
Kamarianakis, Y., Feidas, H., Kokolatos, G., Chrysoulakis, N. and V. Karatzias
Evaluating remotely sensed rainfall estimates using nonlinear mixed models and geographically weighted regression
2008   Environmental Modelling & Software
Chrysoulakis, N., Kamarianakis, Y., Xu, L., Mitraka, Z. and J. Ding
Combined use of MODIS, AVHRR and radiosonde data for the estimation of spatio-temporal distribution of Precipitable Water
2008   Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres