Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with Optical and Thermal Cameras

The Remote Sensing Lab owns/operates two Unmanned Aerial Systems with optical and thermal cameras.

The T-Drone M-1000 is equipped with two cameras: one optical (Sony RX100 iii) and one thermal (Optris 640 Pi). The thermal camera covers the spectrum of 8 to 14 µm and has a resolution of 640x480 pixels.

Main Features

  • Take-off weight of 8 kg
  • T-1000 UAS platform
  • Ground Control Software for advanced flight plans
  • QGroundControl with HereLink Controller
  • 2-axis digital stabilizer
  • Here3 GPS with L1
  • CubeOrange with ADSB

The Parrot ANAFI Thermal is equipped with RGB/Thermal Camera, suitable for use in the collection of surface temperature data and the creation of ultra-high resolution (< 5 cm) topographic and orthomosaic products in the visible spectrum.

Main Features

  • Lightweight UAS (315 g)
  • CMOS 1/2.4", 21 MP Optical Sensor
  • FLIR Lepton 3.5 Thermal Microbolometer (Radiometric) Sensor
  • Spectral band: 8-14 µm
  • Thermal sensitivity: < 50 mK (0.050 °C)
  • RAW and JPEG image format for use in photogrammetry analysis