Wireless Network of Meteorological Stations

This Wireless Weather Meteorological Network covers the wider (urban and peri-urban) area of the city of Heraklion with 14 Stations. All Stations are equipped with Air Temperature (TAir)/ Relative Humidity (RH) Sensors, 7 Stations are equipped with Wind Speed / Wind Direction Sensors and 1 Station is equipped with a Rain Bucket and a Total Solar Radiation Sensor, providing on-line intra-urban meteorological measurements. It operates since December 2015 and its temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction data are available from a dedicated Web Portal providing time series for on the fly statistics and graphs.

Main Features

  • Sensor measurements every 1 minute - data stored internally
  • Collected (stored) data transmitted (via GSM/GPRS) every 15 minutes
  • 10 Stations are installed on buildings - 4 Stations are installed on high (9 m) lighting poles