Zina Mitraka

Zina Mitraka

Assistant Researcher | Earth Observation for Urban Climate

Zina Mitraka is an Assistant Researcher in the Remote Sensing Lab of FORTH. She is a mathematician by training with further studies in Environmental Engineering and a PhD on satellite Earth Observation for urban climate. She has been a trainee and a post-doctoral fellow with the European Space Agency. She has a 15-year experience working on optical and thermal satellite remote sensing with particular interest on the urban environment and focus on cities’ climate and resilience. She has extensive experience on methods and algorithms development for satellite multispectral and hyperspectral image processing. She participates in research and development projects funded by European and national funds, being actively involved in both the research and management activities. She is publishing in scientific journals and conferences, she is an editor for remote sensing scientific journals and acts as an expert lecturer for optical and thermal remote sensing for the European Space Agency Academy.

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  mitraka AT iacm DOT forth DOT gr
  +30 2810-391-771

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